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Bageshwar Taxi Services

About US

It is always good to find out a little bit of information before you just go hopping into a car with a random stranger.

We started our company back in 2016 to help visitors to our fine city get around town. After a few months we also started to do more than just pick people up at the station. We started driving every one around that we could, whether or not you just didn't have a car or if you just did not want to take your car.

Now that oil prices have soared we are taking even more people around. Some have stopped driving their vehicle and are just utilizing our services instead. That means you have none of the hassle of owning your own vehicle and still get to enjoy the mobility of having a set of wheels.

After a Few Years Passed

We then upgraded our Taxi service to handle even more situations, some totally unique and some that clients were specifcally asking for. That is when we added our multipassenger vehicles. We then found that we were often carrying people around that just wanted to deliver packages, so we figured, why not just let us deliver the package for you?

From that point on we changed our whole structure of business and have created and molded the taxi service that you know and enjoy today. We are always changing things up, so be on the look out for our next move!