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No more having to hail a cab down on the side of the road like most people have become accustomed too. We have decided that now you can order your taxi online. Not only do you pick the location and the time, but no more having to argue and fight with the people next to you trying to get that same cab.

Don't you think it would be way easier if instead of fighting for a cab in the street, a taxi cab came specifically to pick you up! We fully believe that here and not only do we believe that, we have decided that is our motto. We will come any where you are and pick you up so that you can get to where you want to go. We look forward to having you as a customer and can promise you that you will use us more than once.

Just moved here and you are needing to find your way around Bageshwar? Or perhaps you just want to have some one give you a tour around Bageshwar. Take a ride with us and we can show you all the short cuts and fastest routes to get from one place to another.

The City of Bageshwar regulates taxicab rates. These rates apply to all taxicab companies and all drivers. Our current rate* is Rs. 20 for the first 1 Km plus Rs. 15 for each additional Kms. Waiting time is Rs. 200 per hour. Note drivers are all independent contractors and are not directly employed.
*Fare/ booking rates will be finalized by the driver before dispatch.


Providing the Greater area with taxi service every day.


Providing car repair service every day.


Providing car wash service every day.